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Studying with some of the most prolific and recognized writers in the country, Story Studio founder Nancy (N.T. Arévalo) loves bringing best practices to life for her students, whether novices or pros.

Beloved for her dynamic lessons and engaging teaching style, she rallies the good writer in you to ignite and sustain a creative life.


Nancy serves as a writer and strategic advisor for projects, organizations, and people. She is a celebrated and award-winning teacher, manager, and leader.

A McNair Scholar, she's received a Community Pioneer Award and Koret Innovation Award.
She's been recognized for her leadership on sustainable, systemic change and for her teaching--transforming outcomes and experiences for learners, across age and background.

Her stories have appeared in various publications, including Shenandoah, Necessary Fiction, Regarding Arts & Letters, Hawai'i Pacific Review, Harvard Journal of Hispanic Policy, Rose & Thorn Journal, Waterhouse Review, The San Jose Mercury News, Oakland Tribune, The Boiler Journal, Literary Arts, and Eclectica. Her story "The Last Landmine" received Honorable Mention in the 2014 Bevel Summers Prize Contest.

Nancy's written two story collections and a novel. She's received numerous scholarships and grant support for her fiction and been invited to attend some of the country's most prestigious juried workshops (such as Tin House, Community of Writers at Squaw Valley, Napa Valley Writers, and more). She is a former contributor to Literary Arts.

A lifelong student and advocate for civil and human rights, Nancy also works towards wise environmental policy for the next generation. You can find her working with Maui Nui habitat and wildlife conservation efforts to reduce light pollution. She regularly supports 'aina organizations' (and individuals') strategic change efforts and leads creative communications and development campaigns.

Nancy is a first generation graduate. The daughter of a Honduran immigrant and U.S. Marine, she worked her way through community college to a Masters from Harvard University.

This voracious reader and skilled leader often serves as a trusted ear, asked to offer wisdom and expert consultant services. These include storytelling support, strategic leadership and communications, public policy change, motivation, transformation (personal, interpersonal, or organizational), and project management.

 More on personalized services offered can be found HERE.


"I've worked in education in different capacities for over 20 years. No one rivals Nancy for her brilliance and compassion. This may well stem from Nancy herself being the embodiment of educational opportunity, which transformed her life and drives her pursuit to transform the lives of vulnerable kids. She has an expert sensibility for innovation and impact, and will most certainly elevate any organization she serves."
- Greg Harris, Principal Owner, New Governance Group

"Writing is the loneliest journey for those who choose it. But I've found the road more joyous and the stories richer since I started sharing them with Nancy. She is a one-woman support system that ensures your voice is immortalized on the page." 
Yasemin Yilmaz MFA, Screenwriter, co-founder of the Los Angeles Turkish Film Festival

"Nancy is a consummate professional with a passion for education and social justice that undergirds everything she does. She's creative, talented and a true deep thinker who knows how to transform great ideas into action. Nancy is also a natural leader who prioritizes creating professional and personal learning opportunities for others. I owe much of my own success in education to Nancy's mentorship a decade ago. She is an asset to any organization or mission she serves. It was an honor and a privilege to serve along side her."
- Carri Schneider, Senior Writer, XQ Institute

"Nancy helped me open the heavy door that was laden with fear and step into a new space where I could find my voice and write again."
- Sandra Razieli of RaziYoga

"Nancy is an extremely talented analyst, researcher, and editor. She is one of the most purpose-driven, energetic, and enthusiastic people I know. Nancy works tirelessly to support others in meeting their objectives; her contributions at Innovation Partners have been invaluable."
- Lisa Duty, Founder, Innovation Partners America 

"Nancy was my first boss starting my career after college. She was an amazing mentor who cared deeply for her team while staying focused on the vision of the organization. Nancy is extremely intelligent, inspiring and most importantly a good person."
- Ashley Sutton, HR Business Partner, One Medical Group 

"'You win with people' and Nancy gets this. We were colleagues during Knowledgeworks' evolution. Nancy's leadership and intellectual contributions were central to messaging a new vision for learning, and enrolling communities and leaders across the US in KW's bold, new agenda to reimagine learning for every student. I, specifically, recall her groundbreaking work to place student voices at the center of national education policy and advocacy. Nancy is a true leader, thought partner, and tireless champion for social justice and change."
- Ernest Perry, President & CEO, HandsOn Central Ohio

"Nancy is passionate about ensuring more equitable outcomes for underserved youth. That passion, coupled with competence in creating and managing important projects that have impact, make her an effective, ethical, and hard-driving change agent."
- Joel Vargas, Vice President, Jobs for the Future  


"Nancy's amazing expertise & knowledge & approach! Being able to write in class too."

"Fabulous teacher and info was helpful!"

"I liked the writing prompts. It made it clear that almost any situation could be adopted into a story."

"NANCY!!!!! She’s brilliant. Nancy is an amazingly excellent teacher... supportive, good listener, knows her stuff, encouraging...on and on..."

"The review on the structure was helpful for me, especially since i am in the middle of a book now.

"The small group made it easy to get a lot out of the class."

"The class was well designed from start to finish with each activity part of a whole."

"Enjoyed being in company of other writers interested in same activity, similar goals, etc. - but mostly with a teacher working on specific skills."

"Love Nancy. She knows her stuff."

"I enjoyed the discussion about the stories we read."

"I liked the exercises and Nancy is just great."

"Nancy is great! She is passionate about teaching and encouraging students to write."

"The teacher. Her dedication and enthusiasm."

"I liked the size of the group and your knowledge and ability to share it. Nice job Nancy."

"Hearing how others interpreted the stories."

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