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 "Build us a bridge to where you are." - Lin Manuel-Miranda

We write to tell the story. We write to know the story. We're trying to make sense of all the whispers, snippets, images, moments, confusion, and wonder.

We can't stop being creative.

“...writing is not a performance but a generosity.”
Brenda Ueland,
If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit

We write to make the tangles of the world we've seen or imagine come alive for YOU. Maybe we want what we've learned to live beyond us. Maybe we simply know we can share an opportunity that might make others' roads easier. 

We are trying to create a bridge between us.

 "Language is courage," Salman Rushdie said. We write to shrink the distance between us. But we also write to be brave.

“To engender empathy and create a world using only words is the closest thing we have to magic.” - Lin Manuel-Miranda

We do all this to be heard. Even if it's for our job or in digital messages: we're trying to see ourselves. 

Our is about me, you, and the magic and mess of us all together. 

"The role of the artist is to ask questions, not answer them." - Anton Chekov

We create to keep life going. We search for our song and we listen to those of others to get us through. We all reach for the words to encapsulate what this all means. Stories help make the truth bearable. They inch us closer to understanding all the ways one can be in this life. 

Remember, in our writerly performances, that "Fiction is the truth inside the lie" (Stephen King). We work hard to keep you enchanted. Without this enchantment, well . . . none of us would stick around for the story. And we wouldn't enjoy creating it! Because stories are really just our best ways to deal with complicated truths. We have to "tell it slant," as Emily Dickinson said, to make sure the story lives beyond us. There is no point A to point B, not if we want to reach your heart. We've got to weave through every artery we can. 

This is where Our Story Studio comes in.

“When we are listened to, it creates us, makes us unfold and expand. Ideas actually begin to grow within us and come to life.” -- Brenda Ueland

It's hardest to get started: that is the boulder, the lump in our throat. The freeze in our fingertips. Uh-oh, we think. How do I do this? Fear stops most of us. We fear it won't be what we wanted or what others expect. But the thing is? Life never is. We write to be brave anyway. Our Story Studio is about charging forth--whether in the industry or on your own--empowered, knowing and owning your voice.

We're ready to help you get there.

“The scariest moment is always just before you start.” - Stephen King

IT'S TIME. Let's Begin. 


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"Paperback Writer" - The Beatles



"Nancy's amazing expertise & knowledge & approach! Being able to write in class too."

"Fabulous teacher and info was helpful!"

"The teacher. Her dedication and enthusiasm."

"I liked the size of the group and your knowledge and ability to share it. Nice job Nancy"

"I liked the writing prompts. It made it clear that almost any situation could be adopted into a story."

"Enjoyed being in company of other writers interested in same activity, similar goals, etc - but mostly with a teacher working on specific skills."

"I enjoyed the discussion about the stories we read."

"I liked the exercises and Nancy is just great."

The review on the structure was helpful for me, especially since i am in the middle of a book now.

"The small group made it easy to get a lot out of the class."

"The class was well designed from start to finish with each activity part of a whole."

"Hearing how others interpreted the stories."

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