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Sat April 14th-May 5th | Makawao | 12-1:30 P.M. 
Humor in Story

Our seminar-salon series continues! Come: enjoy some good laughs! This series examines humor in literature. What makes a story, character, or line funny? We'll finish two novels that will tickle our hearts and bellies in their own ways. We'll read selections in advance, share experiences and questions, and be supported by our dynamic teacher with additional materials on other funny writers and styles of humor. Plus, a few writing tips along the way. Come, learn about the tradition--and the contemporary masters--of literary funny.

This spring, before class embarks, we'll vote to read one of the following: 
  • A.M. Homes' This Book Will Save Your Life  
  • Rakesh Satyal's No One Can Pronounce My Name
  • Jess Walters Beautiful Ruins


*Discounts for returning students and members of book club members of AAUW, 
Maui College Book Club, and West Maui Book Club. Simply ask the facilitators to e-connect us. 
*Students enrolled in both Sunday Style Studio + Reading Seminars get a 2-for-1 deal.

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"Fabulous teacher and info was helpful!"

"The teacher. Her dedication and enthusiasm."

"I liked the size of the group and your knowledge and ability to share it. Nice job Nancy"

"I liked the writing prompts. It made it clear that almost any situation could be adopted into a story."

"Enjoyed being in company of other writers interested in same activity, similar goals, etc - but mostly with a teacher working on specific skills."

"Nancy's amazing expertise & knowledge & approach! Being able to write in class too."

"I enjoyed the discussion about the stories we read."

"I liked the exercises and Nancy is just great."

The review on the structure was helpful for me, especially since i am in the middle of a book now.

"The small group made it easy to get a lot out of the class."

"The class was well designed from start to finish with each activity part of a whole."

"Hearing how others interpreted the stories."


  • Great Translations
  • Humor in Story (the next series includes White Teeth by Zadie Smith, No One Can Pronounce My Name by Rakesh Satyal, The Teleportation Accident by Ned Beauman)
  • Stories That Will Break & Mend Your Heart (the next series includes Perfect by Rachel Joyce and Flight by Sherman Alexie)
  • New Short Story Masters from Around the World 
  • Genius (the next series includesSiri Hustvedt's The Blazing World, Walter Issacson's Leonardo Da Vinci, & Eric Weiner's The Geography of Genius)
  • The Next American Classics (upcoming series will include award-winning selections from Ta-Nehisi Coates, Claudia Rankine, Paul Beatty, & Jesmyn Ward)
  • Reading through the Pushcart Prize Winners 2018
  • An Author's Oeuvre (various authors--upcoming series include Elena Ferrante's novels, George Saunders's short stories, and a survey of Zadie Smith's stories/novels/essays)
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These themes often reoccur but with different titles, to deepen our study.


  • What is a readers' seminar? Inspired by Literary Arts beloved Delve Readers Seminars and other popular Reading Retreats around the world, Story Studio seeks to bring such literary conversation and story love to the island. It offers writers a chance to grow, readers a chance to expand their reading and conversation around an author or theme. All are welcome. As Literary Arts has well said: "Literature needs readers. Literature is not the domain of writers and authors alone. In reading, we engage in dialogues with the authors of the books we love and their various cultures of thought and experience, and also potentially with one another. (These) seminars are special in that they cultivate readers and a community for the shared experience of reading. Through the simple act of gathering together weekly to share in-depth conversations about books, we become ever more astute and empathetic readers, of literature, as well as of human experience." At Story Studio, we seek to empower our writing ohana by sharing great works from around the world and ensuring a diversity of literary voices and styles are shared.
  • Where do I get my books? We will work with the public library to help provide a selection on island. But we also strongly encourage you to shop local - search out the MFOL stores in Lahaina and central Maui and, of course, Barnes & Noble offers our best selection on island. Links for our reads will be provided to registrants.
  • How does it work? Registrants will take a poll on which book we'll read before class even begins. Each week, we'll read a set number of sections or pages (i.e., 50-75pp/week). While each class is different, readers are expected in all seminars to read a selection of the work before hand. In some classes, we'll be reading two comparative pieces at a time from an author or on a theme. The instructor will also share additional context and facilitate a conversation (sometimes providing additional materials) on the works or authors we're reading. If you're a writer, this is the classroom for you, too--hear what excites readers, learn from masters. And yes - you can bring snacks.
  • I am a previous student. How do I receive the discount? Email the teacher or fill out this form.  

Any other questions? Call/text (956) 9 WRITE 0 - 
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